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We supply a large variety of FX contact lenses. Whether it's a dramatic eye color change, or you are looking for custom sclera lenses, we have the choices you want! The Custom SFX range of Theatrical Contact Lenses are of the highest quality and come in a large variety of styles. These very popular lenses are ideal for Theatrical Productions, Movie Production, Parties or just to make an impact. We can also supply Custom designs to suite your needs. Contact us for further information!

Sclera lenses:

Sclera lenses have the ultimate effects! Sclera lenses cover all of the white of your eye. These lenses have been used in the movie industry for years. Hand painted to order just like our custom lenses.

Color contact lenses:

We have the color contact lenses that allow you to change your eye color with lenses that offer superb comfort and clear vision. Some of the most intense colors available, your appearance will be enhanced with these dazzlingly realistic contact lenses.

Please notice that contact lenses need special care and handling. If you are not properly trained on how to care and wear contact lenses serious eye injury can occur. Never share lenses with family or friends and always make sure you clean and store your lenses in approved solutions. Failure to heed these warning can result in injury.

Theatrical FX Lenses:

Special effect contacts with or without vision correction - The ultimate look. Wear them for Carnival, Halloween or party's. These soft contact lenses are a sure fire way to draw attention to you.

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