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We supply a large variety of FX contact lenses. Whether it's a dramatic eye color change, or you are looking for custom sclera lenses, we have the choices you want! The Custom SFX range of Theatrical Contact Lenses are of the highest quality and come in a large variety of styles. These very popular lenses are ideal for Theatrical Productions, Movie Production, Parties or just to make an impact. We can also supply Custom designs to suite your needs. Contact us for further information!

Witch & the King
Raymond,Ilona &  Michael Ironside
Raymond,Ilona & Lance Henriksen

Nieuw bij de videofiles Ilona's gastrol in Deadline

Most of our designs can be purchased in prescription strength. You can choose the right description when you order. Please notice that you always should contact an eye care professional before you order your lenses, even when you don't need any prescription. Tell them which diameter you want to order and ask them to measure the right base curve. Make sure you order the prescription you need. If you have any questions about filling in your prescriptions on your order, please let us know. Email or fax the information of your eye care professional to us so we can advice you. Please keep in mind Custom FX lenses and Sclera lenses are hand painted to order. This means they are painted especially for you when you order. This process can take several weeks and offer no guaranteed time frame on delivery.

Ilona , Raymond, Michael Ironside
Ilona,Danny Trejo  en Raymond

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